Reliable power supply system

The data center is equipped with high-capacity mains three-phase power access and power balance load system, providing a reliable power supply for the data center environment.

N + X uninterruptible power supply system

The data center uses the famous uninterruptible power supply manufacturer - the United States Eaton Group - the latest modular uninterruptible power supply system, with N + X uninterruptible power supply capacity. As a result of modular design, different from the traditional uninterruptible power supply system, will not cause a single point of failure caused by power termination. We are equipped with Japan's original Panasonic high-capacity battery, and N + X parallel battery pack for power recovery, the system is not affected by a single battery failure. Uninterruptible power supply system will automatically switch to battery power when the zero time difference occurs in the mains, providing customers with the highest quality power quality.

Diesel generators

Data center with diesel generators, such as the case of a long time electricity supply problems, with uninterruptible power supply system can be realized zero time difference conversion power input to ensure that the data center without interruption.

Nx10G fiber backbone network

We have a number of internationally renowned industry docking, iChina Telecom, China Unicom, HiNET, Chief Telecom, PCCW , New World Telecom , Wharf T&T , PACNET, Telstra , TeliaSonera , StarHub , Hurricane Electric, GTT, TiNET . In addition to the international telecommunications business docking, we have to build Hong Kong to Taiwan, Hong Kong to China direct circuit, and access HKIX, TWIX, TPIX, IAIX and other large IX exchange center, more than 50 peers, to provide high-quality bandwidth service.

Full Cisco switching system

The core backbone of the 7600 switch cluster, the core has 1440Gbps data exchange throughput and the realization of the backup function, all cabinet client terminal for the Cisco switch Gigabit port, we use high-end Cisco switches and routing systems to ensure that the network 7x24x365 unimpeded.

Raised panel system

Neat and systematic system to ensure the stability and scalability of the network connection. As the power supply and wiring away from the ground, than the old-style platform design easier to expand and maintain. The air patch panel system is more popular than the old data center in today's new data center.

FM-200 gasification fire protection system

Regardless of the client hosting the host system, or rent the data in our host system, we all pay attention. So we are equipped with FM-200 gas fire extinguishing system, if a small fire, the fire is not extended before the system will automatically release FM-200 fire extinguisher in seconds to fire out, effectively protect the host system and storage data.

24 hours constant temperature and security system

Data center 24 hours to closely monitor the ambient temperature and humidity, to ensure that the host system in the best environment.